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Regain the control ,
creativity and calm
that will allow you
new moves and a
better future

Regain the control , creativity and calm that will allow you
new moves, and a better future


At Minimiax Consulting we support the viability and development of your business

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Modern processing in Western Greece – Enhancing the size and competitiveness of Manufacturing and other companies of PDE The new investment program, …

“BRIDGE” Programme This program provides loan installment subsidies secured by the main residence.State aid is provided for mortgage, consumer and business loans, …

Success comes as a result of methodically , certainly and organized steps. We follow the best methods based on deep knowledge and experience

Business consultants of Minimax Consulting offer services responsibly, having a deep knowledge of the banking system , the investment programs, the institutional framework of financing / investments which are the main reference field of the company's activities

Our services

The steps to success

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Diagnosis, analysis and identification of financial needs or necessary restructuring / arrangements.

target business minimax

Preparation of a complete file with the necessary documentations per case (business plan, studies, etc.)

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Presentation of the dossier and negotiation with the financing banks.

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Utilization of available financial tools and development programs.

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Evaluate any differences that may arise.

target business minimax

implementation of an agreement

Development programmes

Contact us to have a complete information on the current development programs and the possibilities they offer in the implementation of your investment plans.

We can integrate your business planning into the most appropriate program.

Έσπα 2014-2020

Partnership Agreement (PA) 2014-2020 2014-2020

We indicate  the right program and how you can use it.

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Rural Development Program service

Rural Development Program

It is the main tool for the development of the primary production sector and the strengthening of investments in the field of processing of agricultural products.

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European Investment Bank service

European Investment Bank

We exploit  all the financing programs of the European Investment Bank in order to find new funds for the development of the business and to reduce the financial costs

Development Law

We exploit all the incentives of the Development Law 4399/2016.

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Specialized managers can offer you  solutions, suggestions and advice . It is simple and fast to contact us. We can process any issue and have confidential, valid and prompt answers from us. 

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